Office 365 Consulting

Office 365 Consulting

New Peak Solutions is a Microsoft partner and has extensive experience in Office 365.  In this article we will be discussing Office 365 and some of the exciting tools that can be used in collaboration such as SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Delve.  We have been consulting with Office 365 since its first release in 2011 and have worked with SharePoint since the 2007.


What is Office 365

Office 365 includes a whole suite of Microsoft applications and technologies. This collaborative tool-set is hosted on the cloud and allows organizations to get the best of the Microsoft products available.

It includes the typical tools such as Word, Excel etc. along with newer technologies such as Power Apps, Yammer, Delve, Sway etc.


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Office 365 and SharePoint


SharePoint has numerous uses but in the majority of our work we see it used primarily for

  1. Company Intranet and Portals
  2. Forms and Workflows
  3. Content Management and Collaboration
  4. Business Intelligence


Company Intranet and Portals

Probably the most common work we do In Office 365 and SharePoint is creating custom Intranets. Whether an SMB or a larger client, having an Intranet to access important information is the way to go. Looking for information on your benefits or 401k information? Where do I look? Like everything else! On the Intranet. With your help we can provide your users with access to just about any resource in a centralized searchable location. Branded landing pages We build out modern and professional sites that include many of the following features.

  • Custom branded navigation
  • Executive Announcements and news
  • Web parts and web apps
  • Company policies and procedures
  • Organizational announcements for areas such as Human Resources and IT
  • HR systems such as PTO, New Hires, Onboarding
  • Quick Polls and common links
  • Department Sites


An example of our Intranet Design and Branding

Microsoft Office and SharePoint Cosnsulting


Forms and Workflows

Office 365 workd greart with SharePoint for automating processes. We have worked with many clients in various industries to help improve their processes and help their bottom line.  By working togther we can overcome common challenges that many companies have.

  • Bottlenecks - the halting or slowing of a process at a some stage due to a human/machine error or difficulty.
  • Duplication of work and redundancy – inefficient processes often include sections that are unnecessary or repeated.
  • Poor accessibility to key data – management struggle to view where a processes stands, what the status is, and ability to view critical information or data.
  • Integration issues – poor or no integration with existing systems, which can cause communication gaps.


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To improve these areas above our Office 365 consultants combine the following technologies to build out great office 365 solutions

  • Forms
    To build modern and responsive forms for the modern employee who may be working anytime and anywhere.  We use several technologies built on SharePoint and Office 365 such as React JS, Angular JS and the newish Micrososft forms technology Power Apps.
  • Workflows
    Workflows make the process run smoothly by notifying users and teams of actions they need to underatke.  Using workflows technologies like Microsoft Flow and Nintex allow our Office 365 consulting team to put these in place.
  • Dashboards
    A central repository of data that allows users, teams and executives see real time data anywhere and any time.
  • Reporting
    We create feature rich reports using technologies such as Power Pivot and Power BI.


Company Content Management (CMS) and Collaboration

SharePoint mainly originated as a content management system and it is indeed still the best CMS on the market. It lays out information that is available to employees throughout your company that can be accessed anywhere at any time. This information is stored securely where users can share, store and collaborate.

While File Shares continue to be popular, they do not offer much apart from file storage. The main advantages of using Office 365 / SharePoint as a CMS are

  • a central place for storing documents that can be tagged and contain metadata to make them easily searchable
  • because information is easy to find, employees do not need to waste time trying to find them in network shares, local drives etc.
  • workflow can help route information to the appropriate people at the appropriate time
  • check-in and check-out allows users to work securely on a document without having their changes overwritten
  • versioning allows for the restoring of documents to an older state
  • permissions can be very granular allowing different rights to different users
  • office 365 allows secure access outside VPN connections which can be cumbersome for employees
  • share data with external users such as clients and vendors


Business Intelligence

Another popular area in Office 365 and SharePoint is business intelligence.  Using SharePoint as centralized platform for BI makes a lot of sense. Integration with Office 365 applications such as Excel, Access, SQL and external data systems such as SAP or Oracle can surface all your critical content into one central area. This in turn dramatically improves the ability of key decision makers to get a full view of relevant data which in turn helps them make the right business decisions.  We use some of the following tools to build great business intelligence such as

  • Power BI
  • Power Pivot
  • PerformancePoint
  • Visio Services


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Office 365 and Delve

Delve allows users to search, discover and organize data throughout Office 365 that is relevant to them. Delve is powered by Office Graph. From SharePoint to One Drive, Delve surfaces information based on what project or items you are working on and who your are collaborating with.

Office 365 Consulting Services - Delve

Some of the major benefits of Delve and Office 365 are

  • Customize your profile to display information about yourself such as profile, picture, skills and competencies, current and prior projects. This can make your employees easily searchable within your organization allowing subject matter experts to be accessible.
  • Content cards can display documents with name, recent activity and images giving relevance to the user.
  • Boards can be created for projects exposing all the relevant information needed for that project.
  • Delve for Office 365 is mobile compatible so users can work anywhere anytime.
  • It is highly secure, users can only see what they are meant to see.


Office 365 and Microsoft Teams


Microsoft teams is a great tool used for as the title suggests “Teams”. It allows teams to easily collaborate, share content in today’s modern work environment. Microsoft Teams is built as an open, digital environment that makes all project work visible, integrated and accessible—across the team—so everyone can stay in the loop.





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Our Office 365 consultants have expert knowledge in Office 365, SharePoint and support Microsoft technologies. Our vastly experienced team can help your organization leverage the power of Microsoft’s leading sharing and collaboration tool. Our goal is to help your company achieve continued growth and prosperity, our Office 365 team will put a plan in place to drive user adoption and continued success.

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Below are some of the services we offer for Office 365


Office 365 Consulting Services

Getting up and started with Office 365 can seem a little daunting. There are so many options and it can be hard to commence the process.  Our consultants can help you get on your feet by creating a road-map with short, medium and long term goals for your Office 365 implementation.  Working together we can come up with a comprehensive plan.


Office 365 implementation

From our road-map we can start building out the Office 365 infrastructure including choosing the right Office 365 licenses needed for your plans.


Office 365 customization

As discussed earlier on this page, our consulting team have expert knowledge in the customization of Office 365 and SharePoint. From building custom SharePoint Intranets, complex processes that improve your business performance and reporting so you can view important data in a centralized place we have the team to bring your Office 365 environment to the top level.


Office 365 migration

We have vast experience in migrating data from just about anywhere into Office 365 and SharePoint. This migration also gives you the chance to clean house as such. Doing an audit of all the content that need to be migrated can give you a change to archive all data and documents that are no longer in use.



Office 365 integration

Integrate other business systems with Office 365 to get a comprehensive view of all your organizations data. Our consultants have integrated with many business systems giving our clients full insight into all the information they need to make smart business decisions.


Office 365 support

We can be there for you for all steps of your Office 365 implementation including support if needed. Our full services include a strategic partnership and managed services so your organization can concentrate on your strengths and we can use ours to fully support you.


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SharePoint filters pane

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SharePoint Filters Pane 

WhiteMicrosoft continues to update user experiences and customizability in SharePoint lists and libraries and one their latest SharePoint features is metadata-driven filtering in the filters pane. The SharePoint filters pane allows filtering on one or more column values simultaneously, columns based on Managed Metadata term hierarchies, allow filtering on parent terms in addition to single terms.  Microsoft started pushing these changes out in June.SharePoint Filters PaneWhite

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Using the SharePoint Filters Pane


Click on the filter icon SharePoint Filterat the top right of your SharePoint list or library to open the filters pane.  Each filter is represented using a visual control related to its data type. For example, a date column is represented with a slider control.

SharePoint Filters Columns

  • The SharePoint filters pane provides a great way to filter content in modern lists and libraries.
  • Columns that were previously configured in metadata navigation settings will now appear in the filters pane automatically.
  • The filters pane uses machine learning to suggest the columns most likely to be used for filtering. 
  • A user can permanently add columns to stay in the filters pane view by clicking the options menu (“…”) next to the name of each column in the filters pane, opens a context menu that lets a user pin the column permanently to the pane.


SharePoint Pin for filtering

  •  Additional filters can be added to columns in the SharePoint Filters Pane. To add this filter column in the select the column in the document library view and then click on: Column settings –> Pin to filters pane.

SharePoint Filters Pane - Add column to pane

  • When you’ve filtered your list or library and want to go back to a blank canvas just click on the clear filter icon SharePoint Filter Pane - Clear Filter at the top right of the filter pane.
  • Views allow you to save your filter selections as a new view that you can open up again in the future with your saved filtered view.

SharePoint Filters Pane - Save View

Previously, classic document libraries using metadata navigation were used on the left side of the page for advanced filtering. However, these types are no longer compatible with modern user experiences. This updated SharePoint filters pane now makes metadata navigation compatible with modern lists and document libraries.

As mentioned earlier, metadata navigation configured in classic SharePoint lists or libraries will be automatically added to the filters pane for modern lists and libraries.


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Our SharePoint team have expert knowledge in SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and SharePoint Online. Our highly experienced SharePoint team will help your company leverage the power of Microsoft’s leading sharing and collaboration tool. We will help your business achieve future growth, our experts will put a plan in place to drive SharePoint user adoption and continued success.

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