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The cloud is changing how businesses utilize technology. SMB’s are quickly turning to the cloud and this change is generating new revenue streams for partners as they shift to cloud-enabled solutions and services. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 is the latest generation of smart business solutions that empower companies to grow, expand and transform. These solutions merge CRM and ERP power by delivering new purpose-built solutions that work seamlessly in sync with Office 365 and Power BI to help SMB’s operate different business functions across financials, services, marketing, and sales.  Talk to our Microsoft Dynamics Consulting CRM team today.

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 Actionable Insights

Focus on the right priorities


Gather actionable intelligence from large quantities of complex content to gather straightforward and vital insights in the context of your relationship with the customer.

  CRM ChicagoIncrease sales by identifying prospects most likely to buy based on predictive intelligence
Check  Sell better and smarter using signals from O365 and Dynamics that reveal relationship health and risk so you know the best action to take next
Check  Build great trust with clients and increase opportunities and leads by offering relevant product recommendations
Check  Engage your clients with a more personalized and effective ways through customer intelligence

Actionable Insights

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 Personal Engagement

Know your customer better 


Understand client behavior, trends, and potential value. This allows your sales team to be ready to build and develop client relationships, regardless of how clients engage with you.


CRM DynamicsGather greater insights through email interactions with your customers and understand which contacts will be most receptive

Check  Gain greater high-quality leads by using social media sales software to identify and act on buying signals
Check  Reveal specific data regarding accounts and opportunities based on email, calendar, and Dynamics data
Check  Easily share and collaborate conversations, notes, events, and sales content with colleagues—even if they aren’t using Dynamics CRM 365 for Sales

 Personal Engagement


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 Customer Engagement

Spend more time selling, less on admin


Improve revenue, increase productivity, gain key insights, and reduce costs when by automating your sales processes through a highly intuitive UI and Microsoft Office-embedded capabilities.


CRM FirmWork how and where you want to, manage customers and deals through familiar and preferred tools
Check  Recruit, onboard, and nurture your partner channel through deeper enablement and activation
Check  Work on the go—anywhere, anytime—with rich, mobile applications that deliver contextual news, social data, and tasks
Check  Understand steps to be taken next to close deals faster using process automation and a guided sales process

 Customer Engagment

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Sales Performance

Create a culture that nurtures success


Increase your performance with real-time analytics based on historical data and predictive information.


CRM Firms ChicagoFind answers quickly using dashboards, charts, and Power BI
Check  Make your numbers by goal setting, monitoring results, providing feedback and coaching in real time
Check  Ease onboarding and streamline sales behavior using sales management software and interactive help

  Sales Performance





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