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What can our Xamarin development company for you? Traditionally, if you were to develop an application for all three major platforms you would need to build each app exclusively for iOS, Android, and Windows. Essentially, you would be paying to build three apps, one for each platform. That can be very expensive and time-consuming. Developers and consultants in this scenario tend to focus more on platform-specific issues instead of developing new features, creating great user experience, or making the app a better product. Our Xamarin app development company can help your company build great Xamarin apps. Our consultants at New Peak Solutions use the Xamarin software platform to build great and robust apps. This enables us to create reusable, fully native code apps across the iOS, Android and Windows platforms. With Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android we can develop native iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps in C#, with either Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio. The C# code can be re-used across different device platforms resulting in less time spent developing, and more importantly for you, less money spent. Our Xamarin development company leverage the .NET’s framework of libraries for calling web services and interacting with data sources and Xamarin mobile.

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Our Xamarin app development team build fully-native mobile apps in Microsoft .Net (C#). Using Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio to build apps you get all the advantages of modern and powerful IDEs, creating a speedier and simplified development process.  With Xamarin consulting you can do anything that can be done using Objective-C or Java in building Xamarin apps.

Milwaukee Xamarin Developers  96% reusable Code
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Xamarin, unlike other traditional hybrid solutions that are based on the web technologies is classified as native. The performance metrics are comparable to those of Objective-C or Swift for native iOS and Java for Android app development.

Xamarin developers in Dallas  Fully Native
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Xamarin allows us to create perfect native experiences using platform-specific UI elements. We use Xamarin forms to build e cross-platform apps for iOS, Android and Windows are built using Xamarin.Forms tool, which converts app UI components into the platform-specific interface elements at runtime. 


Charlotte  Full hardware support
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New Peak Solutions is one of the leading Xamarin development companies in the US and has a a team of great developers that can help you build great Xamarin apps.   Now you no longer have to choose between the platforms. Our Xamarin consulting team to build world class mobile apps quicker than ever before.

Over 1.4 million developers and consultants use Xamarin mobile worldwide and more than 100 Fortune 500 companies use it create enterprise mobile apps. Xamarin’s global customer base in 120 countries includes:

  • Dow Jones
  • Bosch
  • McKesson
  • Halliburton
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cognizant
  • GitHub
  • WebMD

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