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Having trouble finding that software package that satisfies all of your requirements or tired of conforming your process around your tools instead of the other way around? At New Peak Solutions, we pride ourselves on developing non-compromising, truly unique and innovative solutions. You’ll be surprised how quickly our custom software development team can turn your idea and requirements into functioning software by pulling from a host of development technologies and platforms. Our custom software developers deploy agile methodologies that enable our clients to see the solution take form quickly. 

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Traditionally, we are big fans of developing in the Microsoft stack using .NET framework. Microsoft often provides us with a suite of development technologies that enable our custom software development team to build solutions quickly, and with a high degree of stability. These Microsoft technologies include ASP.Net (WebForm & MVC), WPF, WCF, Silverlight, WinForms and Windows 8 App development. That said, we tend to put the needs of the solution over technology, and can also build solutions in open sources platforms like HTML/JavaScript, Rudy, and PHP.


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Integration projects often intimidate people. Keeping data in sync, processes aligned, and users happy can seem like a daunting task. Integrations don’t have to be scary however once you have the right tool-set. We build well-planned data service layers that exchange data efficiently between your business systems. We also take these integrations to the next level and create simple user interfaces and dashboards that expose the data being exchanged, thereby exposing the internal “guts” and allowing your staff to better support the solution. As much as we would love your business, once we deploy, we want our next engagement to be another new project, not something we need to keep fixing. We have experience developing tight integrations with popular EBS and CRM systems like Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sales Force, Service Now and Zoho. If your system exposes an API, we can integrate with it.  Talk to our custom software development team now.


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Our custom software developers based in Chicago have expert knowledge in various technologies. Our highly experienced consulting services firm will help your company leverage the power of Microsoft technologies. We will help your business achieve future growth, our team will put a plan in place to drive user adoption and continued success.


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