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Building a successful SharePoint Intranet requires careful consideration and planning in several areas: data integration, Microsoft Office integration, mobile access, communication, collaboration, and training.  Our SharePoint Intranet developers can help you build an exceptional custom SharePoint Intranet Portal.

SharePoint Intranet Development has several features:

  • An intuitive and easy to navigate layout
  • Dynamic content that changes often
  • Useful content and applications that employees need to do their work
  • Search that returns relevant results
  • An eye-catching SharePoint Intranet design using modern SharePoint examples
  • Social and fun features employees look forward to visiting
  • SharePoint User Adoption


Our SharePoint Portal development team have worked on numerous large and successful SharePoint intranets through the years, expanding them from a space people only visited to get cafeteria menus to platforms that keep the business running 24/7.  We specialize in SharePoint Portal development and we have built some of the best SharePoint Portals around.  Contact us to see our many SharePoint Intranet examples and see an Intranet demo.

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SharePoint Intranet Homepage

A SharePoint intranet homepage provides a great tool for communication that is pertinent to the needs of your organization. Due to the high level of visibility, this is a perfect place to present all your recent news and communications. Use your intranet homepage to keep people up to date on relevant information using great designs.

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 Business Process Automation with Forms 

Banish those bulky and error-prone paper forms.  We can help you get all your processes up and running on SharePoint. Our SharePoint experts have extensive knowledge of SharePoint forms, AngularJS, ReactJS and InfoPath, a more cost-effective solution than building forms from scratch with custom code. Our SharePoint Intranet development team can help your organization increase productivity and results.

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 SharePoint Workflows

What process is complete without a workflow or two?  Many times an organization will need to run some sort of approvals processes on their SharePoint Intranet Portal.  Our devlopers can help design and build SharePoint Intranet workflows that route your forms to the appropriate parties.  

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SharePoint Apps

Sometimes you just need code to solve a problem.  Our SharePoint team can create custom web parts and SharePoint apps that will meet your specific SharePoint Portal needs.

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 Microsoft Office 365 Integration

SharePoint is just one of many tools in the Microsoft toolbox.  These tools are designed to work together. Our SharePoint specialists can show you how to leverage all the best functionality in SharePoint and Office so your employees can work more efficiently.

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Data Integration

You already have line of business applications that store all your important business data.  We can leverage those existing systems inside of a custom SharePoint intranet to create more seamless interactions for your employees.  Talk to a SharePoint expert and start integrating all your data in SharePoint empowering your employees.



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Mobile Access to your Intranet

No longer do you need to be tied to your desk, access your SharePoint Portal from anywhere!  Our SharePoint Intranet team can help you leverage SharePoint as a mobile solution, allowing collaboration from anywhere at anytime.


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Microsoft Social

Humans are naturally social creatures.  We can help make your intranet interactive, a place where employees want to congregate and share.  In a social corporate environment problems are solved more quickly and innovation abounds. Imagine brainstorming on a company-wide level… We can get you there.

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Delivers a great customer experience

Our Microsoft SharePoint Intranet consulting company have expert knowledge in SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and SharePoint Online. Our highly experienced SharePoint firm will help your company leverage the power of Microsoft’s leading sharing and collaboration tool. We will help your business achieve future growth, our SharePoint development company will put a plan in place to drive user adoption and continued success.  Meet our SharePoint Experts.


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