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Transform Your SharePoint Intranet 


An intranet homepage provides a vehicle for communication that is pertinent to the organization. Because of the high level of visibility, this is the perfect place to present recent news and happenings. By using your intranet homepage to keep people up to date on what's going on, you can drastically reduce the challenge of distributing news to employees.


Communicate with your staff in a central place!


  •        Improve companywide communication
  •        Reinforce your brand and values
  •        Boost recognitiona and reward
  •        Create engaging content
  •        Improve employee engagement
  •        Connect your company across locations and time zones
  •        Bring your workplace culture to live
  •        Improve employee loyalty and sense of belonging

Manage all this content in easy to use SharePoint CMS.  You never need to modify the page




Improve collaboration and productivity


  •        Greater collaboration throughout your company
  •        Easily share information
  •        Improve feedback from your staff
  •        Simple to find and search for information
  •        Document management control
  •        Process consolidation
  •        Provide organizational clarity




Process management for core business functions

Build additional core functionality within your SharePoint environment to improve productivity 


  •        On and Off - Boarding
  •        Paid Time Off (PTO)
  •        Employee Benefits
  •        Project Management
  •        Workflows to improve companywide processes
  •        Integrate with other business systems
  •        Reduce emails and meetings
  •        24 / 7 access to system
  •        Work offline
  •        Access from any device




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Common Homepage Components

We use the best of SharePoint components and build custom widgets to give you exactly what you want on your homepage.


  • Custom Branding specific to your company
  • New and Events / Management Blogs
  • Quick Links to applications and sites
  • Commonly opened files
  • Announcements and Calendar
  • Metrics and Surveys
  • Employee Central - New Hires, Birthdays, Anniversaries etc.
  • And much more...