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Looking to build out a new Intranet or redesign an existing SharePoint site?

Please read on to see examples of our work and learn about our process.  


Table of Contents

Benefits of a SharePoint Intranet

Communications and Branding

Improve companywide communication


  •        Connect your company across locations and time zones
  •        Provide engaging content
  •        Communicate with work from home staff
  •        Make life simpler for new onboarded employees


Reinforce your brand and values


  •        Improve employee engagement
  •        Bring your workplace culture to live
  •        Improve employee loyalty and sense of belonging
  •        Boost recognition and reward

Content & Collaboration

Improve Collaboration & Productivity


  •        Easily find importand and relevant content
  •        Improve collaboration throughout your company
  •        Facilitate feedback from your staff
  •        Share content across departments and projects
  •        Improve document management
  •        Integrate with other Office 365 Tools






Communicate with your staff in a central place!

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Building a new Intranet

Starting from a blank slate?  This is the simplest scenario and allows us to make a great first time impression with your staff.  

  •        Define the content for homepage and department sites
  •        Incorporate your organizations branding into SharePoint
  •        Build a beautiful and modern UI
  •        Set up security and roles
  •        Create a simple CMS (Content Management System) to easily manage content

The finished product will be a great new Intranet that can be easily self-managed without any outisde assistance. 



Transform existing Intranet

There are many reasons why people come to us to redesign their Intranet Homepage or entire Intranet such as

  • Unispiring design (See opposite image)
  • Poor user adoption
  • Difficult to manage content
  • Lack of company branding
  • A staff bias against SharePoint based on prior experience

We are here to help you transform your current site and get your staff excited about a new SharePoint Intranet experience.


Transformed Homepage

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Uninspiring Design



Common Homepage Components

We have incorporated many SharePoint components into homepages.  Below are some common content compenents.

  • New and Announcements
  • Management and Executive Blogs
  • Quick Links to applications
  • Commonly used files & links
  • Calendar & Events
  • Metrics and Surveys
  • Employee Corner 
  • And much more...


Employee Corner


Simple SharePoint List CMS (for entering content)


How it Works

We have extended Microsoft technology to greatly improve functionality and simplify content management.

This has the following major benefits

  1. Use simple SharePoint lists for Content Management.
  2. Ability to queue up informationto display on certain dates.
  3. Flexible design such as Scroll Limits.  Keeps all content properly aligned on page unlike SharePoint out of the box.  
  4. Security so only the specified users can modify content .

How we work

We have a trusted and transparent process in place which ends with.  All steps below are FREE of charge

  • An Estimate, Timeframe & Roadmap for your Intranet project
  • A Demo of our vision for your Intranet

Step 1: Contact us to set up a Welcome Call.  On this call we will

  • Say hello and discuss your initial Intranet requirements
  • Demo an exmaple of our Intranet

Step 2: Short back & forth process with additional calls where needed

  • We provide a simpe Questionnaire to help refine requirements
  • We build out a new demo site just for you.  
    (Get to see a working example of Intranet with your branding)
  • Final presenation with Costs and Timeframe



Sample Roadmap Click Image to enlarge


Moving Forward / After the Intranet

As mentioned earlier, we build out Intranets in a way that are simple to manage without our assistance.  We are of course, always available if you need help or if you want to add new features.  We love building long term relationships with our clients.  Below are some of our additional offerings


  • General Office 365 / SharePoint Support
  • Getting the best out of Office 365 Tools
  • Using MS Teams for
  •      Collaboration
  •      Project Management
  • Automated Business Processes and workflows
  •      Transforming Excel spreadsheets
  •      Building portals such as PTO, Onboarding, Benefits