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SharePoint is a tool that gives you very powerful functionality right out of the box. Sometimes, though, you just want more. More functionality, more flexibility… more pizzazz. Our SharePoint development company we can create custom web parts and now with SharePoint 2013, we have SharePoint Apps and the greater flexibility they allow us.

We can help you design and build both custom web parts and apps so you can extend SharePoint to meet your needs. No web part is too small, no app too basic. If you can dream it, our SharePoint development services team can build it.

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 SharePoint App Model

Microsoft has created a new cloud app model. These SharePoint Apps are stand-alone applications that allow easy installation, usage, management and removal. While designed with the cloud and hosted environments in mind, on-premise environments can also take advantage of this new model. Apps will now be a simple click away from your user being able to install some newly built app giving them access to some functionality they need. This new model allows our SharePoint developers to innovate even further and leverage the new capabilities of this new technology.  Learn more about the App Model here.

Some of the supported web technologies include

  • HTML
  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • JQuery
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Json
  • REST
  • OAuth
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Don’t worry this has not gone away and our SharePoint development team can build and design any web part you can think of on existing models.  These web parts are traditionally installed directly onto SharePoint servers, resulting in web part code directly being run on those servers.  However for those running SharePoint 365, many web parts simply won’t run due to security constraints necessary in a cloud environment.  Contact our SharePoint development company to help build the web parts you need.

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Our SharePoint development company based in Chicago have expert knowledge in SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013,2016 and SharePoint Online. Our highly experienced  team will help your company leverage the power of Microsoft’s leading sharing and collaboration tool. We will help your business achieve future growth, our SharePoint development firm will put a plan in place to drive user adoption and continued success.

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