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Let’s face it, it’s a new age in technology. With the vast array of portable devices out there, and the shift to a modern, more mobile workforce, the IT challenges have never been greater. The consumer market has raised the expectations for the workplace, and more business owners are asking for mobile apps to facilitate business processes. It can be difficult to know where to start, and that’s where our Mobile app development company come in.  Our app developers have vast experience in both native and cross platform app development and have helped many companies build great mobile apps.

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Mobile App Development
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 Mobile App Development


Using cutting edge technologies and development platforms, our Chicago based mobile app development company can help you architect and build mobile apps that can be deployed to a variety of mobile devices. Using mobile development platforms natively like iOS or Android or cross-platform like Xamarin/HTML5 and the utilization of cloud services, we can quickly create apps that connect your users from their mobile device, to the cloud, to your backend enterprise systems. No project is too small.

These mobile apps can then be either deployed to the apple App Store, Android Marketplace, Windows Store or an internal enterprise catalog. We can also embed methods to gather statistics on the utilization of the app as well as tread on what features are commonly used.  Work with our mobile app development services team now.


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 Native – Mobile App Development

Native mobile apps are application programs developed for use on a particular platform or device.  As native apps are written for a their own platform, they can take advantage of the system framework.

Since native mobile apps are built for a particular device and its OS, it can access the device-specific hardware and software, taking full advantage of the latest technology available on these devices such as a camera and GPS.  Talk to our mobile development company now.


Pros of developing a Native mobile app
  • Access provided to all the device features offered on the operating system.
  • Access to advanced features, such as, complex networking, memory management, Access USB input etc.
  • No limitations when it comes to app performance and speed.
  • Uses technologies both recommended and used by the device manufacturer.
  • No limitations in terms of advanced mobile user interface customization.

Cons of developing a Native mobile app
  • Multiple mobile apps needed if supporting multiple devices (e.g. iOS and Android), this can be costly and time consuming.
  • No sharing of code between these separate apps.
  • Development time for building these apps can be slow when supporting two or more separate apps.
  • Testing time is also increased as two or more completely separate codebases will need to be tested.

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Cross Platform – Mobile App Development

A big decision when building a mobile app is, whether to develop a native app or go for cross-platform. Are you are dealing with different types of customers using different types of devices? If so you need to have a mobile app developed for almost almost all the platforms (i.e. Android, iOS, Windows, etc.).  There are many great benefits going the cross platform route and top of that list is reduced development costs and time.  Our mobile apps company can steer you in the right direction.


Pros of developing a cross-platform mobile app
  • Reduced development costs and development time
  • Sharing code between different versions of the apps across different devices, this van be up to 80%
  • The UI is rendered using native controls, so UI performance can be as fast as native.
  • Reduced testing time.

Cons of developing a cross-platform app
  • Not all code can be shared across the devices, native code may need to be written.
  • Access to the device and operating system features rely on the framework or plugin support
  • UI customization is dependent on the product framework support


Our cross platform choice is Xamarin.  Xamarin allows us to go cross platform to build native mobile apps. Code sharing across platforms with Xamarin is easier and gives you the full functionality of native mobile apps. Our mobile app developers have been developing in Xamarin for many years.

See our Xamarin page to see how our mobile consulting team create mobile apps for all 3 major platforms (iOS, Android and Windows) using Xamarin.

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Mobile App Development Company

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Our mobile app developers based in Chicago have expert knowledge in various technologies. Our highly experienced mobile app development company will help your company leverage the power of mobile technologies. We will help your business achieve future growth, our app developers will put a plan in place to drive user adoption and continued success.

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