Office 365: What is it? Where is it Going?

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Recently there have been some improvements in how Microsoft is communicating the current and future state of Office 365.  I thought I would share a couple of useful links.

  1. Check out this Garage Series video for an overview of what Office 365 is and where it’s going.
  2. If you’d like a more in-depth picture of everything that’s currently on the roadmap, read this article.  It includes several useful links as well as an FAQ.



Outdated Browser: A Plugin

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Sometimes, you just have to code for old browsers because of corporate policies. This is easy since you know what browser to code against. However, when you have to code for any and all browsers headaches usually ensue. If you want to help encourage your audience to update their browsers, there’s a plugin that will help you with that. It’s called Outdated Browser and it was created by Büro, a brand identity and digital design creative agency out of Portugal.

It’s pretty simple to add to your site and detailed instructions are available on their website. Just add a few lines of code to your page and the plugin will detect whether the user’s browser supports a CSS3 property. If not, the user will see a nice-looking message encouraging them to update their browser.

Sure, not everyone is going to update their browser, but at least you can say you tried.

Outdated Browser - How does it work

Outdated Browser - Select Browser

InfoPath: The Road Ahead

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The Road Ahead

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You’ve heard the news; Microsoft has pulled the plug on InfoPath. As soon as this was formally announced, IT organizations everywhere started scrambling to find a replacement. At the SharePoint conference it was the talk of the town. I listened to conversations while standing in lines and walking the halls and they generally went like this, “we need to visit all the vendors who have an InfoPath replacement and decide on one before we go home.”

Here’s my take on the demise of InfoPath, it may be dying, but it’s not dead yet! Why bury a perfectly good tool while it’s still breathing? I know, it’s fun to buy new software and play with all of the shiny new features. I’m just as guilty of loving my new toys. However, I would argue that many of you should hold off on buying an InfoPath replacement.

Here’s why:

  • InfoPath will be supported through 2023. Why spend your precious budget dollars on an InfoPath replacement now when you still have InfoPath at your disposal? Instead, spend your budget dollars elsewhere until it’s necessary to spend it on an InfoPath replacement.
  • In Microsoft’s own words, “If you’re an InfoPath customer, we want to reassure you that we’re working on migration guidance in parallel as we’re building our next generation of forms technology.” Personally, I want to wait and see what Microsoft is going to come up with as a replacement before I rush out and spend my budget on a third-party tool.
  • Speaking of third-party tools, I think we’re going to see several new options hit the market. When I’m ready to replace InfoPath I’d rather have more options from which to choose. More importantly, I want those third-party tools to have all the bugs and kinks ironed out by other users before I sign up.

So for my money, I’m going to keep using InfoPath 2013 alongside my SharePoint 2013 environment and I’m going to spend my current budget dollars on the other tools I have on my wish list. As more third party tools are released and as Microsoft releases more information I’ll re-evaluate my position.