Outdated Browser: A Plugin

by Nicole Spiewak in Tools We Like Comments: 0

Sometimes, you just have to code for old browsers because of corporate policies. This is easy since you know what browser to code against. However, when you have to code for any and all browsers headaches usually ensue. If you want to help encourage your audience to update their browsers, there’s a plugin that will help you with that. It’s called Outdated Browser and it was created by Büro, a brand identity and digital design creative agency out of Portugal.

It’s pretty simple to add to your site and detailed instructions are available on their website. Just add a few lines of code to your page and the plugin will detect whether the user’s browser supports a CSS3 property. If not, the user will see a nice-looking message encouraging them to update their browser.

Sure, not everyone is going to update their browser, but at least you can say you tried.

Outdated Browser - How does it work

Outdated Browser - Select Browser