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WhiteWe specialize in both SharePoint Development and SharePoint Administration.  In this post we would like to detail our experience and expertise as a company in the development side of SharePoint.  Some of our main areas of focus are…

  • Building SharePoint Portals and Branding
  • SharePoint Processes and Dashboards
  • Power Apps for mobility

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SharePoint Portals and Branding


We have worked on numerous SharePoint Intranet and Portal projects for dozens of firms across many industries.  There are many reasons organizations turn to a SharePoint company like ours for SharePoint branding and design.  These include usability, corporate identity, marketing, etc.  As you know SharePoint out of the box look and feel is a little cold and sterile so custom design and branding can really help you reach your employees.

  • The main advantage of branding your intranet is to create a sense of connection and ownership among employees. It can be hard for staff to get behind the out-of-the-box look and feel of a SharePoint intranet. Make your SharePoint company intranet site stand out.
  • If employees develop a strong association with your intranet, or feel a personal attachment to it, they are much more likely to use it and help you achieve great SharePoint user adoption.


An example of our Intranet Design and Branding

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Not only is the SharePoint branding important but you may want to customize the data you are exposing on a homepage beyond what SharePoint gives you out of the box.  Our development company have created and designed many custom we parts to add to your page.  Some of these include.

  1. Presidents Blog/Executive Blog
    A popular option where the president or various members of the executive committee take it in turns to blog to the company.
  2. Newsletters
    A link to company newsletters.
  3. Employee Section (Employee Corner)
    1. New Hire
    2. Employee Spotlight
    3. Employee Anniversaries
  4. Volunteering/Activities
  5. IT Updates
    System maintenance, Outages etc.
  6. HR Updates
    Open Enrollment, PTO etc.
  7. Stock quote
    Display the quote
  8. Office times
    Display the times for the different Hexcel locations
  9. Quick Poll
  10. Links/Tools
  11. RSS Feeds
  12. Headlines/News
  13. Quote of the day/week
  14. Job Openings/Postings
    Link to the website job postings.
  15. Holidays
    Displaying the holidays of the organization
  16. Department Spotlight
    A nice marketing tool for departments to market their services or highlight their value to the rest of the company.
  17. Company Discounts
    An area displaying the company discouonts
  18. Directory
    A link to a SharePoint directory for all company employees.
  19. How Do I/Training
  20. Bulletin Board
  21. Recent Business/Projects
    Marketing recent projects to the employees

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Our Core Services

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SharePoint Processes and Dashboards

SharePoint can be leveraged for many things and automating processes is a big strong point.  Executing business processes successfully is not always a straight forward task. There are many challenges companies encounter that we can leverage SharePoint to overcome

  • Bottlenecks - the halting or slowing of a process at a some stage due to a human/machine error or difficulty.
  • Duplication of work and redundancy – inefficient processes often include sections that are unnecessary or repeated.
  • Poor accessibility to key data – management struggle to view where a processes stands, what the status is, and ability to view critical information or data.
  • Integration issues – poor or no integration with existing systems, which can cause communication gaps.

Improvements in these areas leads to much improved profitability

An example of our SharePoint Process

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In order to improve in these areas, a top SharePoint development company like New Peak Solutions can build out the following

  • Forms
    We Build elegant and intuitive forms for SharePoint in a range of different ways, previously InfoPath but more common these days are Power Apps and for greater customization and control Angular JS and technologies like that
  • Workflows
    Making the process run smoothly is the main job of workflows.  Depending on the complexity we use out of the box options such as Flow and SharePoint Designer to more complex solutions like Nintex and k2.
  • Dashboards
    A place where everyone can see the data.  This is an area where our company is seeing huge interest from clients.  This a place where an employee can see their queue of tasks, a manager can view their teams information and upper managment and executives can get a live real time view of all the information they need to make smarter decisions.  This process only gets more powerful when integrated with other business systems to give you the full picture.
  • Reporting
    Similar to dashboards above we leverage the data to create rich powerful reports.  Our SharePoint company such as Power BI and Power Pivot to create these reports.

SharePoint Power Apps


Power Apps is a relatively new Microsoft technology and a very exciting one at that.  It is a low code replacement for InfoPath in the SharePoint world and provides a much richer interface for your user base.  Add to that, forms can be created for phones and tablets, it is an ideal platform for this modern age.  As one of the leading SharePoint companies in the US, we can help you leverage Power Apps to the fullest.


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Our SharePoint Development company have expert knowledge in SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and SharePoint Online/Office 365. Our highly experienced team will help your company leverage the power of Microsoft’s leading sharing and collaboration tool. We will help your business achieve future growth, our SharePoint consultants will put a plan in place to drive SharePoint user adoption and continued success.

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Office 365: What is it? Where is it Going?

by Nicole Spiewak in Uncategorized Comments: 0

Recently there have been some improvements in how Microsoft is communicating the current and future state of Office 365.  I thought I would share a couple of useful links.

  1. Check out this Garage Series video for an overview of what Office 365 is and where it’s going.
  2. If you’d like a more in-depth picture of everything that’s currently on the roadmap, read this article.  It includes several useful links as well as an FAQ.