Sitefinity eCommerce

Sitefinity eCommerce

Use the Sitefinity eCommerce CMS to build a great websites that are responsive, intuitive and contain great content that can really help your company sell it’s products. Sitefinity has the advantage of eCommerce and CMS in one single platform. This gives the user an enhanced experience and makes managing your products and content a lot simpler. Many eCommerce services provide basic CMS functionality and likewise many CMS services provide eCommerce functionality, but few offer the complete experience like Sitefinity eCommerce.  Let our Sitefinity developers help you build a great eCommerce solution.

Sitefinity eCommerce

As mentioned in our Sitefinity overview one of the many advantages of this platform id the ease of use for the end-user and the Sitefinity eCommerce side is no different. You can choose one of the Sitefinity templates or our Sitefinity developers can build you custom templates. Drag and drop widgets are available for products, shopping carts and checkout. eCommerce management where you can configure products, payments, review orders, discounts, shipping methods etc. Multi-currency and multi-lingual feature can bring your products to a worldwide audience.


Sitefinity eCommerce Features



Sitefinity has a responsive design engine which displays your site perfectly on mobile devices. The mobile app builder section allows you our Sitefinity developers build apps for your site as well. Sitefinity allows you to preview all your mobile pages as they would display as you build.


Inventory Management

Sitefinity eCommerce has many features and reports that allow you to manage your inventory. Some of these features include:

  • In and out of stock
  • Reordering product on conditions being met
  • Track the quantity of items in stock
  • Messaging for consumers for better user experience



Use personalization such as customer wish lists, items searched for, typical spending amounts to drive customer sales. Your marketing team can manage product catalogs and departments to promote the right items to the right customer. Personalization helps the customer find the products they want making a greater user experience.


Social Media Integration

Users can login to Sitefinity eCommerce sites with their social accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. This allows users reading product reviews to access discussions around the product and also recommend the product on these social platforms. This can lead to increased traffic from both a boost to your SEO and exposing your products to a potentially large customer base.


PCI-DSS compliance

Sitefinity eCommerce integration with Paypal Payments Standard and WorldPay creates a secure website that your customers can trust. The external site such as Paypal handles the transactions so no sensitive or card data is handled on your site. This Integrating also allows customer’s flexible payment options like credit/debit cards and e-wallets etc.


Flexible Pricing

Sitefinity eCommerce allows you to target specific customer and partners with promotions and discounts helping you to grow customer loyality . Your marketing team can run promotions easily targeting customers across multiple channels, including mobile, web, social and email.

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