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Sitefinity Development


Sitefinity Development

Sitefinity is a content management system (CMS) used to create, store, manage, and present content to your audience. The CMS provides a full array of functionality that offers all the requisite tools as well as advanced features that are required by any organization looking to engage customers directly with content and marketing services. Sitefinity continues to differentiate themselves with some of the best content management tools on the market from an ease of use perspective. There’s no long training required, so even new non-technical users will be up and running in no time. The CMS is fully extensible and user friendly, the out-of-the-box capabilities make it easy for organizations to create rich dynamic content, and is backed up by exceptional support services. Our Sitefinity developers can help you leverage the power of this superior CMS.

Toyota, Audi, Tetley, NASA and Kraft Foods all trust Sitefinity CMS to power their websites.


Advantages of Sitefinity CMS v Open Source CMS


Interface usability and user friendliness

Open source content management systems are typically developed by technical users for other technical users which are hard to use for a typical user. The Sitefinity CMS unlike many open source CMS’s, has a separate back-end editing and site configuration interface, allow better control over content. The interface is easy to navigate offering quick access to all functions of the CMS. A contextual help system on the back-end interface allows users to quickly reference help topics.

Sitefinity is easier to use than just about any CMS online. This is extremely important for companies looking to create or change their websites without always needing IT expertise. Even if you have a dedicated development team it still makes life much simpler if your marketing team can make updates on the fly without needing to engage the IT department. Sitefinity CMS is designed to be intuitive and user friendly that it does not require much training for users to jump right into their tasks of managing their website.


Standards Compliance

Open source products tend not to be standards-compliant by nature. Sitefinity CMS meets all compliance standards.



Open Source can expose your company as neither warrants or guarantees are standard in this area. Furthermore source code is exposed in these systems which can make your organization vulnerable to attacks. With Sitefinity your source code is not exposed and the CMS is constantly tested against security threats like SQL injections, validation and XSS.

Open source systems can also expose your organization to intellectual property theft issues as the underlying source code and architecture may have been stolen from its rightful owners or it may have been created illegally byviolating a non-disclosure agreement. However Sitefinity owns all intellectual rights for all of its products.