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SharePoint PTO Absence Requests

SharePoint Time-off Manager

A common request in many companies are Vacation Requests or PTO (Paid Time Off). We at New Peak Solutions have built a tool that allows you to manage these requests in a simple and effective manner. 

Our SharePoint Leave Request forms have many benefits for your organization

  1. Ease of Use (Simple Self Service)
  2. Money and time savings
  3. Accurate Reporting

SharePoint HR Leave Requests

 SharePoint Absence Requests

Track employee Leave Requests 

Our PTO tracking tool makes submitting time-off requests simple 

Simple Self Service

  • Quickly submit requets via SharePoint / Office 365 and through mobile
  • View your balance for leave, sick days etc.
  • View current requests


Easy Approval

  • Requests can be approved or denied with one click
  • Automatically updates company Calendar
  • View all my employees vacations requests in team Calendar


 Our PTO Tool

SharePoint / Office 365

Because our tool is built for SharePoint, there is no need to spend money on yet another business process tool

Advantages of SharePoint and 0365

  • Integrates with other Micorosoft platforms
  • Can be integrated with SQL for advanced PTO reporting
  • No need to learn a new system 




SharePoint Absence Requests Tool

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