HR Assistant

What is HR Assistant?


A tool where employees can view all their key data in one place!


  •        Surfaces all HR content in 1 central place 
  •        The tool pulls data from your HR content sources
  •        Single sign-in so employees do not need to keep track of passwords
  •        Standard look, feel and experience
  •        Easy to use and find the data you need



    What does it do?


Easily find data for


  •        Insurance
  •        Retirement
  •        Salary
  •        Personal Infomation
  •        Dependents
  •        Flex Spending
  •        PTO


    What are the benefits?


Save your company time and money


  • Reduce HR Support (Calls and email requests)
  • HR can focus on more important priorities
  • Simplify Open Enrollment season


  • Employees can find information quickl7
  • 24/7 Access on multiple devices

Free up time for the employees and your HR department



    Where does it live?

HR Assitant can be installed on multiple platforms

  • Skype
  • Skype for Business
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Any many more......

    24 / 7 Access on Multiple Devices

View on any device

  • PC
  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • Tablet

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How it works

With HR Assistant all we need to do is connect the dots between our application and your business systems.


  • No need to re-invent teh wheel
  • Your systems do their job but employees my find information difficuly to come by?
Benefits & ROI


       * No calling HR for help or logging into different systems

       * Save your company money and make your department more productive 

       * Reduce support calls and emails freeing up your team work on more productive tasks.

       * 24/7 Access: Satisfied employees who can find their information easily 24/7

       * Simplify Open Enrollment system by allowing employees to quickly make their elections. 



HR Assistant is the window into your HR Business systems 

By Connecting to your existing HR Business systems 

The HR Assistant tool simplifies the finding of important HR information for your employees.  Employees can now quickly access their information securely in one central place rather than going to different systems using different accounts etc.  

Free up time for the employees and your HR department in one swoop!!!